Pierre the Magician at Primary School
Pierre the Magician at Primary School

With Pierre the Magician
The students become little magicians, all participate in this great show. Even as some might become: ASSISTANT MAGICIANS.

The favorite magical formula of Pierre the Magician when one does not succeed the first time, is: “I am capable“. Message on self-esteem and perseverance. With the possibility to adapt your educational theme to the show.

Each show includes:

  • Real animals, doves, rabbit
  • A show adapted to the age group
  • A neat language and original music
  • A team of two people

Pierre the Magician show, responds to the need of FANTASTIC, stimulates the sense of OBSERVATION and develops THE IMAGINATION of children and adults of all ages.

The show is about 50 to 60 minutes long.

Also available:

  • Child’s party at home
  • Balloon sculpture
  • Magic wands
  • PICO the CLOWNscene show